Michael Dubois, PC
Certified Public Accountant

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About Us:


Michael Dubois, CPA and firm serve the Golden Triangle of South East Texas and surrounding areas.  We service both public and private clients who our pursuit of excellence and dedication to ethical accounting practices.

Our CPA Firm's Principles

We often find that the most difficult decision one encounters in life is developing a sense of whom one trusts. It is no different in the practice of public accounting. The stakes are very high and livelihoods often linger in the balance. At Michael Dubois, CPA P.C. we recognize that the financial difficulties and scandals roiling financial markets are eroding shareholder trust and the trust of the public at large. We believe that our firm represents the best instance of integrity, financial acumen, and objectivity. We provide great service for our clients and resolve many challenging issues for them, but the client never comes before integrity.

Our services include:
- Financial Statements
- Bank Reconciliations
- Personal and Corporate Taxes
- Franchise Tax filings
- Payroll Services
- Staff Leasing Solutions

And many many more!

Our CPA firm often advises businesses operating under adverse conditions or in unstable parts of the state and various parts of the country. No client is routine. Every solution is tailored. No matter the challenge, Michael Dubois is always there for his clients!